Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty is a journey of human impact on the planet. Beginning with our own existence, we look back to our origin, asking questions about our creation and existence. Exploring Earth’s life and natural beauty, we examine our persistent impact on this place we call home.


Human consumerism has affected the environment and is taking its toll on our planet. We take a closer look at plastic pollution and its effect on our oceans. Our current trajectory for plastic consumerism and waste causes major concern for the future of our planet.


Now more than ever it is important for us to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Together, we have the power to change the way we interact with our environment.



Full Production - 62 minutes

How to be a Deep Thinker in Los Angeles (2009)                      Jennifer Jolley (b. 1981)


Rain Chain                                                                         Kristin Kuster (b. 1973)


A Natural History of Vacant Lots (2019)                                   Chris Cerrone (b. 1984)


Boulder Canyon Hoover Dam  (2019)                                     Clark Hubbard (b. 1995)


Fragile Goods    (2019)                                                        Gala Flagello (b. 1994)


Limit (2019)                                                                        Olivia Davis (b.1990)


Coral Speak (2016)                                                             Kate Moore (b. 1979)

    Spell I

    Spell III

Precious Metals (2018)                                                         Gala Flagello (b. 1994) 

Sustainability vibes - 30 minutes

Rain Chain (2012)
Boulder Canyon Hoover Dam (2019)
A Natural History of Vacant Lots (2019)

Local Beauty - 20 minutes

Rain Chain (2012)

Limit (2019)
Fragile Goods (2019)

Just the basics - 10 minutes 

Boulder Canyon Hoover Dam (2019)

Fragile Goods (2019)

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Natural Beauty 2019-2020 Tour

02.14.2020              Banff Centre for the Arts                   Banff, AB, Canada

02.21.2020              Banff Centre for the Arts                   Banff, AB, Canada

02.07.2020              University of Michigan                     Ann Arbor, MI

01.29.2020              Sienna Heights University                 Adrian, MI

01.28.2020              Sienna Heights University                 Adrian, MI

11.9.2019                Midwest Composer's Symposium       Indianapolis, IN

11.8.2019                University of Michigan                     Ann Arbor, MI

06.20.2019              Private Event                                  Ann Arbor, MI

05.31.2019              Kickstarter                                     Pittsburgh, PA

01.25.2019.             (debut) University of Michigan           Ann Arbor, MI

Published Commissions

Skipping Stones Shane Scott Cook 2020

Soil Ancel Neeley 2020

Day 12 Anthony DeMartinis 2020

Fragile Goods Gala Flagello 2019

Limit Olivia Davis 2019

Boulder Cannon, Hoover Dam Clark Hubbard 2019 

Precious Metals Gala Flagello 2018